Custom Power Solar offers a unique solution for EV owners. With our V2H system, power from your EV can be piped back into your CPS solar+battery system and power your home using the energy stored in your EV! Now you can run indefinitely off-grid, should power outages last for many days in winter.

This system consists of a small 2kw inverter and transformer that connects to your EVs 12V auxiliary power system. It can easily be connected and disconnected for temporary use if needed. The output connects to the generator input of your CPS power system. The EV must be kept in the on state so that power from the main traction battery also feeds the 12V system.

Once enabled, your home loads will be powered by the EV up to the 2kw capacity of the “generator” inverter. If you exceed that, the Outback Power inverter will power the difference up to the capacity of the Outback inverter (either 4kw or 8kw – or more if multiple inverters have been installed). The excess power needed will come from the home battery. If that gets depleted, the system will automatically start a charge cycle to take power from the EV and refill the home battery.

It’s all automatic! Our goal with this add-on option is to provide emergency power for extended periods of time should the outages events occur in a winter of many extremely cloudy days, or those who want to go completely off-grid.

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