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How Much Will I Save & How Much Does It Cost (in PG&E territory)?1

Solar+Storage Savings Raw Cost Final Cost Simple Payback Years Payback with EV kwh generated per year
4kw PV/13.5kwh $2,540 $32,700 $21,903 8.6 5.4 6,400
6kw PV/13.5kwh $3,291 $34,500 $23,235 7.1 4.8 9,600
7kw PV/27kwh $4,766 $41,925 $26,434 5.5 4.2 11,200
8kw PV/27kwh $5,137 $45,800 $29,302 5.7 4.4 12,800
12kw PV/27kwh $6,619 $49,200 $31,818 4.8 3.9 19,200
SGIP rebate rate $/wh $0.20 EV2 rate Does not need EV to qualify – only solar+storage
ITC 26%

To use this table, find your annual electric use in kwh from your utility bill. Find the system in this table with generation at or more than your annual use (far right column). Keep in mind any future additions to electric use such as EVs or switching to electric appliances will likely increase your use. That line is the system with the best value.

How Much are the Savings from Storage

System PV Size/Battery Size Solar only Solar+Storage Storage Benefit
4kw PV/13.5kwh $1,430 $2,120 48%
6kw PV/13.5kwh $2,147 $2,863 33%
7kw PV/27kwh $2,410 $3,758 56%
8kw PV/27kwh $2,863 $4,241 48%
12kw PV/27kwh $4,295 $5,725 33%

Low Cost Solar+Storage Options

Looking for small systems to backup refrigerators, small appliances?  Go here.

Storage Add-on to Existing Solar

Already have solar? Want to add whole home battery backup with the added benefits of storage cost savings? Go here.

Transitioning to 100% Renewables – with Solar Power + Storage – in 12 years

Read the latest update 2019 edition to our study on how we can meet California’s goal of transitioning to 100% renewables in 12 years – and make money doing it! Now updated to include the entire USA!

Link here

For those interested in exploring the cost benefits for their state or country, here is the Excel spreadsheet summary.

Simple Cost and Payback Calculator

We’ve created a simple set of Excel formulas and tables to make it easier for residential and commercial customers to calculate savings. Green cells are inputs. Download here

$0 Down PACE Financing now for select areas with Ygrene Works

We are now offering PACE Financing through Ygrene Works for select cities in California! With PACE financing, all your payments go on your property taxes. If you sell your home or business, the payments transfer to the new owners. With $0 down, we tailor payment programs that LOWER your costs per year compared to what you pay your utilities, AND YOU OWN THE SYSTEM! You can also roll in other energy efficiency projects, such as a new roof, insulation, or new energy efficient windows. Most homeowners qualify in 15 minutes! Going solar with storage & EV charging has never been easier.

Residential and Commercial Solar System Services

Custom Power Solar specializes in solar power systems with energy storage and EV charging. We offer a range of products for on-grid and off-grid solar power systems with battery storage that not only provides power in the event of grid failure, but additional savings on your power bill. Never go without power again! Contact us for a free quote with the savings you’ll receive with solar+storage and EV charging.

Residential and commercial energy rates are changing dramatically. ALL the utilities are switching from peak rates during the day (typically noon-6) to evening peak (4-9pm). LESS THAN 20% OF SOLAR POWER IS DURING THESE NEW PEAK PERIODS! This means with the new rates, the value of solar only is ONLY 1/2 OF THE CURRENT VALUE!! Energy storage SOLVES this, by storing your solar generated energy and providing it to your loads during the peak periods typically DOUBLING THE VALUE OF YOUR SYSTEM. Custom Power Solar keeps up to date on ALL rate schedules in California, and can provide you the BEST VALUE in your solar+storage system by giving you the MOST return for your investment.

Cash Rebates
Cash rebates are available for a limited time on battery storage solar systems. Rebates range from $3,700-$30,000 for typical residential systems. With these rebates a solar system with battery backup is less than a solar-only system.  The rebates are limited – first come, first served! Call now for a free estimate.

Cash Credits and Community Choice Aggregation (CCAs)
You may have found you are now being served by a CCA such as Marin Clean Energy, Peninsula Clean Energy, or the new East Bay Community Energy. A major difference in the CCAs is that under NEM rules, you will be paid FULL CREDIT for any power you return to the grid. This makes it MUCH more advantageous for solar+storage customers to export power back to the grid. Don’t just zero your bill, make $ every year with excess power exported to the grid, and help power your neighborhood!

Now with Lithium Iron Phosphate battery storage
Lithium batteries provide longer life, smaller size and weight, and higher efficiency than lead-acid batteries. We now use Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries – the safest in the industry.

Solar Power with Battery Storage + Save $
A battery storage solar power system uses a bank of batteries that stores power from your solar array. When the grid fails and when electric power is no longer being fed to your home or business, the batteries and solar array supply power. In the event of a power outage, battery power is restored by solar power each day. With careful management you can operate indefinitely off grid.
In the San Francisco Bay Area, we know another large earthquake is inevitable – a battery backup solar power system gives you the peace of mind to know you will have power to run your home or business in the event of a power outage, whether just a simple line failure or as a result of a major earthquake. IN ADDITION, the storage system saves you $ – as much as 100% MORE than your solar savings by shifting energy use from low rate periods to high rate periods.


With Custom Power Solar, you can have a custom solar system for $0 down. And not only can you reduce or zero your power bill, you can put money in the bank in the very first year! We can help you apply for a substantial rebate for a battery energy storage system from your local utility company. There is a 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit, which can be applied to reduce your property taxes under the PACE program. When you are done, you OWN your system, and YOU reap the financial benefits, plus the peace of mind that in the event of grid failure, YOU will always have power. Contact us for details!

Plug-In Hybrids and Electric Vehicles
It’s clear that the future of transportation is moving towards plug-in hybrids and all electric vehicles. A typical vehicle uses 0.25-0.35kwh per mile. With your solar system the power for your EV is free! It’s like having free gas! A typical EV owner driving an average of 40 miles per day can save almost $4000/year charging from solar and powering your home!

Quiet Power
The battery backup system operates quickly & quietly – unlike generator systems which have to power up the generator to feed power. Time to switch may be as low as 50 -100 milliseconds.

Reduce your electric bill
To reduce your electric bill on an annual basis to zero and have a typical 1-2 day backup battery system, a good rule of thumb is take your annual electricity cost and multiply by 2.5-3 to get the watt size of the solar array. If you’re adding a plug-in vehicle, add 1kw for every 15 miles of commute. For example, if your annual bill is $3000, multiply by 2.5 to get a 7.5kw array. If you have a 30 mile round trip commute add another 2kw. The total is then 9.5kw.

Most residential systems have more than enough roof space to generate power to zero your electric bill. Modern technology has the capacity to deal with virtually any shading situation. Using Google Maps we can take your address and look at the size of your roof space to find the best fit.

Alternative Mounts
A driveway, garage, or parking area can be used for solar power. In agricultural areas unused farm land, barns, warehouses, and access corridors can also be used.

Monitoring & Remote Control
You will have instant access to current production of your system through web access and see exactly how much your system is producing at any time. Our monitoring system provides access to every vital piece of information about your system, including power output and battery state. You can also operate it remotely! We use Outback Power’s OpticsRE system.

Solar modules are rated to degrade less than 10% over 25 years. In real life testing, they last much longer. There are systems over 40 years old with 80% of their original power. Expect to replace the batteries once every 10 years, and inverters may need maintenance every 10 -15 years. The cost of battery replacement averages $20/month over the battery lifetime.

Components have warranties from the manufacturer, which runs 25+ years for solar modules, up to 10 years for electronics. Battery warranty is prorated based on time used based on battery manufacturer’s warranty – 10 years. Contractor provides a one year warranty on installation and labor. We will continue to monitor and troubleshoot your system for 10 years under an available 10 year service contract.

Time to Install
A typical home system can be in place in as little as a month. PG&E and permitting procedures can add up to another month, depending on the area and workload.
Power your car and home with solar power – Call now for a free estimate!

How We Work
Custom Power Solar has one goal in mind – satisfaction for you the customer. We help you get a solar power system at the lowest possible cost, THAT YOU OWN. First, we work with you to design the best system for your needs. We aim for a zero sum – the sun and your solar system generates enough power each year to equal the amount of power you use, but if you’re up for it, we can provide a system that will make you $ every year from excess power solar back to the CCAs. We’ll help you select the best financing plan for your needs. We arrange all permitting and PG&E commissioning. Our partner contractors install the system – this part typically only takes 6-8 days. We’ll handle  the paperwork for the permits & rebates. In the end, YOU will own the system that saves you thousands of dollars a year in energy costs. With a battery storage system, you can have substantial money in the bank the very first year. With a battery storage system from Custom Power Solar, you will never go without electric power.

Made in the USA – Custom Power Solar primarily uses electronics components made by US manufacturers. We are dedicated to keeping solar manufacturing and installation jobs here in the USA.

Contact us for a free home estimate

(1) Maximum savings are based on based on EV2 solar+storage rates – YOU DO NOT NEED AN EV TO GET THESE RATES – only solar+storage, and maximizing battery usage. EV savings are based on $4/gal gasoline fuel costs, compared with 30mpg ICE vehicle, and 31 miles per day use (California average) – about $1500/year.

Costs vary according to permitting costs, accessibility, and roof type.