Custom Power Solar manufactures the Nautilus Integrated Charger & the Nautilus Universal Power charging system - power storage accessories for smartphones and tablets. All of our systems have solar power options.

Our Custom Power Solar Residential and Commercial Solar Division specializes in solar power systems including power for plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles. We offer a range of products including full battery backed up on-grid and off-grid solar power systems. Never go without power again! For more information go here.

Products ordered from our website come assembled and Ready to Use.

NEW! Integrated Chargers now equipped with USB Power Out

Our Nautilus Integrated Chargers now include a USB POWER Output jack - you can power other accessories while you're charging your phone - or just use your charger as a general purpose charging tool!

NEW! the Acousticup Stereo Collapsible Speaker - for iPhone5, S3, S4, HTC One and other smartphones.

NEW! Nautilus Chargers for Samsung Galaxy S5 with USB Power Out - 3200mah of battery saving Power!

NEW! the Nautilus iPhone5s & 5C Integrated Charger with USB POWER Out

NEW! The TANK 10000mah Universal Charger with Simultaneous 5V Dual USB POWER Out

The TANK is our highest capacity charger - 10000mah with simultaneous dual 5v power outputs. Two 5V USB POWER outputs up to total 2A.

NEW! The X Bracket Universal Smartphone Camera Mount

The X Bracket is an elegantly simple concept in tablet & smartphone brackets. The four curved fingers bend and conform to hold virtually any size smartphone or tablet, and provide a universal 1/4-20 camera mount base. See X Bracket under Accessories in Products. Mounting options - Ball Swivel, cycle mounts & hang glider mounting brackets.

NEW! The X Bracket for iPad and iPad Mini with or without Charger

Custom Power Solar now offers the X Bracket for iPad and iPad Mini. Also with charger options integrated onto the X Bracket. Mounting options - Ball Swivel, cycle mounts & hang glider mounting brackets under Accessories.

Does your smartphone run out of power in the middle of the day, or when you need it most? With a Custom Power Solar Nautilus Integrated Charger, you don't have to wait while your phone is being recharged. Simply slide your phone into the Nautilus Integrated Charger Case, and get back to it! The CPS Nautilus Integrated Charger pours power back into your smartphone while you work.

The Nautilus Integrated Charger Advantage

Simple: Just slide your phone into the charger - it immediately starts charging your phone, plus you're free to continue using your phone while its charging without dangling wires to an external charger. When done, just grab the top of your phone and pull it out! No extra pieces to snap in, charger holds phone firmly in place while charging.

Freedom: Are you planning a long trip, where you may not have access to a wall outlet? The Custom Power Solar Nautilus Integrated Chargers hold your smartphone in an easy to hold convenient case that you can carry with you anywhere - on a plane, in your car, on a hike, anywhere you may be out of reach of a wall outlet.

Lifetime: One of the main issues with all smartphones is battery life - both the short term use, having enough power to run all day when in continuous use with movies, GPS, and communications when signal power needs to be turned up. But also the long term life of the smartphone battery. The Custom Power Solar Nautilus Integrated Charger provides power to the smartphone IN ADDITION to power for the battery in the phone. This GREATLY increases the lifetime of the Lipo battery inside the phone. The biggest factor which shortens the lifetime of Lipo batteries is repeated depletion to low battery state. The Custom Power Solar Nautilus Integrated Charger prevents this by keeping the battery in the phone ALWAYS at full capacity. Instead of less than one year lifetime on phone batteries, the lifetime can be extended to 3-5 years. Make your smartphone purchase last with a Custom Power Solar Nautilus Integrated Charger.

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Apple certified connector - we currently purchase the Lightning connectors used in our iPhone5 Integrated Chargers directly from Apple.


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